Ready to Go Deep?

The power of tantric transformation cannot be underestimated. This is the power that led me to leave an unfulfilling relationship, quit my corporate job, travel the world full time while learning ancient esoteric sexual and tantric practices, and ultimately launch the current business you see me thriving in today.

For my clients transformations have included conceiving their second child, doubling their income, experiencing their first orgasm, learning to touch the face of God with that orgasm, healing religious shame around sexuality, recovering from infidelity in relationship, opening up to polyamory, connecting to the Priestess Energy of The Magdalene, and more.

No matter why you're here, you're here because you know working with sexual energy is your next step. Let me show you how.

You're Here Because You're Ready

The above are varied experiences because the people who come to me are varied. Perhaps one of the above achievements resonates with you. Perhaps you’re an artist who’s lost their creative streak. Perhaps you’re in a relationship that has lost it’s spark. Perhaps you’re a corporate executive who - like me - yearns to learn how to soften. Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur who is looking for their next big break through or pivot. Maybe you’re just unfulfilled in general and you don’t know why.

Perhaps you’re not even sure why you’re here - but you’re reading this page, and something inside you is saying “yes… this could be it”.

And, you’re right.

Eros (life force energy) only comes to you when you’re ready. This page isn’t openly advertised - if you’ve found it, you found it intuitively. Something brought you here, because that something inside of you that’s stirring to be released knows its your next step on your evolutionary path.

The question is: Will you trust yourself?

Working with Sexual Energy is Rocketfuel

Working with sexual energy is about a lot more than just sex. It is about bringing the energy of aliveness into every fibre of your being - and you'd better believe, it'll change EVERYTHING.

When we decide to consciously activate your Eros - your life force energy - and allow it to ripple through your being, everything in your life that is not to your highest good will fall away. It will provide clarity to see things you haven’t seen before, power to say no to things that are no longer in alignment, trust in yourself to courageously demand for more of what you want in this world, and the confidence to go out and get it.

And, it will soften you into your feminine energy. It will teach you to relax, to surrender, to trust, to receive. It will remove the sharp edges (that are really only there because of anxiety and trauma), it will allow you to feel safe in the expansiveness of empty space.

And, it will catalyze new opportunities, new partnerships, new relationships, and new experiences into your life unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Sure, you'll also have incredible, mind-blowing, life changing sex: either with yourself, or with a partner. You'll experience bliss-inducing states, understand the cosmic joke of the universe, and some of you might even see the face of God/Universe. But these are symptoms; they are the byproduct, not the end result.

The end result is you, fully lit up and on fire and ready to command your life in a powerful way.

Stepping into sexual energy means stepping onto the path of pleasure, of release, of transformation, and of ultimate communion with the divine.

As I continue to work with this energy in my life over the past four years, it has consistently brought me home to myself. Brought me back to my center. It has asked me relentlessly to step away from all the things that are not meant for me, and claim more and more of the power and impact I have inside of me.

What will your transformation look like?

3 Months of Epic Transformation

Here’s a sneak peak at what you can expect when you join Fluorescence

  • An energetic opening call followed by discussions of your desires, challenges, obstacles, and future vision that will guide us for the remaining 3 months
  • Bi-weekly 60-minute calls where we check-in on your progress, assign new Soulwork, evaluate progress to your goals, and alchemize any challenges that might be presenting themselves (couples will also have a monthly couples clarity call)
  • Regular sexual and tantric practices customized to your specific needs and situations
  • Regular check-ins and support via either Telegram or Whatsapp
  • I will hold you in an energetic container of growth, transformation, and alchemization for the entire 3-month journey
  • Access to all digital courses that are already live or launched during the time of your program
  • Attendance to all hybrid courses (this includes my flagship course the Sexual Empowerment Academy and the upcoming Level 2: Make Money Your Lover)
  • An energetic closing ritual designed to seal off our container of work together and ease you into integration
  • A customized integration plan as you step into your new, fully lit-up and turned on self

This is a potent alchemical container that will fundamentally shift the way you see the world. If you’re here, I know you’re ready babe. Let’s do this.

Choose a Pricing Option

Pay in full, 4-month, and 8-month payment plans available.

Pre-Launch pricing available until August 8, 2023.

Individuals pricing is displayed first. Couple's pricing is displayed at the bottom.

I only accept a total of four 1:1 clients or 2 couples clients for this level of deep energetic work. Enrollment is based on a first-come first-served basis; if you enroll while I am full your money will be 100% refunded.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Clients Do You Work With?

Because of my own very deep energetic investment into my 1:1 and 2:1 containers, they are highly limited. I accept no more than 4 1:1 clients (or 2 couples) at any given time.

Enrollment is based on a first-come first-served basis.

What if You Can't Help Me?

If at the welcome call I determine our goals are not aligned and I cannot support you, your full payment is refunded. 

How are calls scheduled?

Calls are scheduled at mutually appropriate times for both parties. Cancellations are permitted with 48 hours notice in extreme circumstances.

Can we go longer than 3 months?

Absolutely! In fact, this is very common of my clients. Many see the power of this transformative work and opt to continue on their transformation.

I always enforce at least 2 weeks of integration time between the containers.

What if I'm uncomfortable with a practice you give me?

This container is one that requires full commitment. You will absolutely be asked to find and go past your edge on numerous occasions - that is what makes this work so powerful.

I ask you to be willing to trust yourself to go to your edges, push through resistance, and show up for your transformation.

AND - everyone starts at a different place. Trust that all practices are carefully curated to where YOU are at in YOUR specific journey. An individual healing from sexual or religious trauma is not going to receive the same practices as a couple looking to explore tantric sex. Everything is highly customized to you, your goals, your comfort level, and your desired experience.

Who is this for?

If you're here, babe, then it's for YOU! You wouldn't be reading this far down if it wasn't!

For clarity's sake, this work is best suited to individuals who have already done some level of inner work and are familiar with aspects of their minds and energetics. If you're not there yet no worries - my included digital and hybrid courses will get you up to speed in no time.

I'm Gay / Straight / Cis / Trans / Male - will you work with me?

Yes! I work with all genders and sexual orientations.

I'd like to select a payment plan - will that change my experience?

Everyone in my field receives the same attention, care, and love regardless of how they choose to pay.

That said for those who do opt for a payment plan, our container will officially open on the 2nd month of successful payments.

I'm super interested but I have more questions, can we connect?

Absolutely! If this page hasn't given you all the information you need, you're welcome to email my team at [email protected] to book a clarity call. These calls are 45 minutes in duration and come with a fee of $222 which is credited to your package if you choose to join.